Line of succession to the ♦ Swedish throne.

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A Short Halloween PSA


Hey the thing I reblogged earlier reminded me to mention this:

I can promise all my followers that I do not post or reblog jump scares, ever, because A) I don’t like them and they suck, and B) I know at least a few of my followers have anxiety in one form or another and I’m not going to be that jerk.

So yes. There will be no jump scares from this blog, just wanted to ease your minds preemptively.

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With great power comes great responsibility

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After spotting tearful 5 year old Isabelle Nixon, who was unable to see the stage and blocked in by other fans at the Invictus Games closing ceremony, Harry came to the rescue! He hoisted her on to his shoulders and then stayed to dance with her as the Foo Fighters took to the stage.

“Isabelle now says she’s a princess and tells all her friends she danced with ‘Uncle Harry’,” said her mother Taryn. “Her was the perfect gentleman and made everyone’s day, especially Isabelle’s.”

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Prince Harry’s speech at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games

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*grabs Harry by the face*


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Little Josie asking for Christian’s hand (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

awwww and he just does it, such a good big brother.  my brother would have been like, EW GET OFF ME.

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Happy 30th Birthday to Prince Harry of Wales!
You have accomplished so much in your 30 years, including the amazing Invictus Games that took place this week. Your passion and commitment to your charities and your drive to help others is beyond compare. Congratulations on the big 3-0 and here’s to many, many more birthdays to come!

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Grattis på födelsedagen till Hans Kungliga Höghet Prins Daniel av Sverige (15 september 1973)

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Happy birthday to His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales (15 September 1984)

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